Covid-19 Update
April 17, 2020

Thousand Islands Winery      

43298 Seaway Ave. Suite #1
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
(315) 482-9306

Thousand Islands Winery Employees 

April 17th, 2020   

Thousand Islands Winery hopes that you and your family have been safe during the initial phase of the COVID 19 pandemic.  Fortunately, to this point, no one has tested positive for COVID 19 in our company. 
Thousand Islands Winery has and shall continue to practice its mitigation actions that have been put in place to protect its employees and customers. Some of the company’s actions thus far include abiding by government recommended safe practices to protect our workforce through social distancing, providing face masks and gloves, staggered work shifts, and installing plexiglass safety shields.
The winery has cancelled its attendance at all farmer markets and festivals from March 15 to May 15, 2020. It has also closed its Tasting Room and cancelled all its on-site events during the same timeframe. Furthermore, it has cancelled all off-site wine tastings and account visits.
To safely adjust to the pandemic, the winery has implemented some new safe business practices.  These include establishing a winery drive thru, making home deliveries, creating special online promotions, working from home when possible, and minimizing contact between employees and customers.
Thousand Islands Winery is considered a New York essential business and is planning to rebound safely from the crisis. Thousand Islands Winery shall recover slowly from the pandemic and return its employees back to work.  This shall be done in a phased and gradual manner. However, its current COVID 19 mitigation practices will remain in full effect.
BE AWARE:  You have been placed on the next week’s work schedule.  Please review the schedule at and contact Joshua at HR if you will have any problems returning to work for your scheduled shift. 
If you have any personal protective gear available, you are encouraged to bring them to work with you.  All New Yorkers are now required to wear a face mask or covering when they are within 6 feet of another person.
Thousand Islands Winery appreciates the sacrifices of its employees during this trying time.  It looks forward to your safe return!


Steve Conaway
Thousand Islands Winery