Covid-19 Update
January 17, 2021

Thousand Islands Winery Employees
Subject: COVID 19 POLICY (Update 2021-1) 

To continue providing a safe and predictable workplace related to the recent Coronavirus Crisis, Thousand Islands Winery shall continue to balance its employee’s wellbeing, government mandates, and business needs. Thousand Islands Winery has been declared a New York Essential Business. Therefore, Thousand Islands Winery is exempt from some Government staffing mandates due to it performing agricultural, beverage/food processor, warehouse, and transportation related business activities. The following guidelines are being updated by Thousand Islands Winery, effective immediately. At all times, employees should maintain a safe 6-foot social distance, from all individuals that are not a part of their immediate social network, both in and outside of work. Employees must now wear a mask while inside winery buildings or if not able to maintain 6 feet social distance from another person.
Mask wearing is not required while seated and socially distanced.
Wash hands frequently, minimize face touching, and wipe down surfaces with sanitizers.  

Employees not exposed to COVID 19 and are not subject to quarantine, isolation orders, or sick:
Until further notice, all non-exposed full-time employees are being scheduled for up to 40-hour work weeks.
Employees may use their accrued vacation time to offset any company mandated shortened work schedules. Thereby, obtaining a paid 40-hour work week, if they have hours available.
If an employee’s scheduled work week drops below 32 hours, they may be eligible to receive emergency New York and Federal unemployment benefits. 

For employees indirectly exposed to COVID 19 and subject to quarantine orders: Indirect Exposure:
If an employee has been exposed to a third-party individual that had tested positive for COVID 19, the employee may elect to get COVID 19 tested, but they are not required to self-quarantine. The employee should still report to work.
Indirect Exposure Example: Employee Bob meets his friend Jane. Jane was exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID 19. Both are unsure if they properly social distanced.
Jane should immediately get tested and self-quarantine for 10 days or until her test comes back negative.
Bob may elect to get tested but he does not need to self-quarantine unless he begins to feel sick. Bob will continue to work his normal schedule.  

For employees directly exposed to COVID 19 and subject to quarantine orders: Direct Exposure:
Employees who have had direct contact with a person who has received a positive COVID 19 test result must immediately get tested for COVID 19 and go into self-quarantine for a 10-day period or until their test results come back as negative. They may not report for work during their quarantine period.
NOTE: Individuals exposed to COVID-19 can end their quarantine after 10 days without a testing requirement as long as no symptoms have been reported during the quarantine period. After day 10 is reached, individuals must continue monitoring for symptoms through day 14 and if any develop, they should immediately self-isolate and contact the local health department or their healthcare provider to report this change and determine if they should seek testing. COVID 19 is not covered by the company’s Disability Insurance.
If an employee receives positive COVID 19 test documentation from a certified Health Care facility, their compensation may be covered by the Paid Family Leave Act.  

Employees that test positive for COVID 19:
If a company employee tests positive for COVID 19, all fellow employees in their social work network must also be tested and undergo a self-quarantine for 10 days or until their test results come back negative. The employee’s work area must be thoroughly sanitized. 

The information above is correct as of January 7, 2021. However, as the crisis evolves, company policies and regulations may change. Therefore, so will the company’s guidance. 

Stephen Conaway 
Thousand Islands Winery