Thousand Islands Winery
COVID 19 Mask Policy Update
April 20, 2020


Effective immediately, While on Thousand Islands Winery property, all employees must wear a facial protective covering/mask while in a room with another employee or person.

Employees do not need to wear a face covering if:  they are working outside OR if they are working in the room in which they are the only person.

If an employee is alone in a room, the employee may place their “Mask” in a resting position. The mask resting position is around their neck. However, if any person enters the room, they must immediately put their mask back into use to cover their nose and mouth.

Also, please continue to maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet, even while using a facial covering.

This policy shall remain in effect until further notice.

Please contact myself or Joshua in HR if you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation during the pandemic.

Stephen Conaway
Thousand Islands Winery